Sommer! Ortstermin 



Steffenshagen (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Blick nach Osten am 31.7.13 um 19 Uhr

6 Kommentare zu „Wolken”

  1. Michael Leddy

    A beautiful skyscape. I don’t think I even knew the sky could have such depth until I moved to the American midwest.

    Gunther, is that you by the sign in the most recent post?

  2. Sean


  3. Michael Leddy

    Oops — is that you by the sign?

  4. Lexikaliker

    Michael Leddy: The depth is indeed amazing, and I haven't seen something like this before. In the region where I live we don't have such beautiful views so our vacation near the coast of the baltic sea was really marvellous (not only in this regard). – Yes, that's me by the sign.

    Sean: Seeing this was a very special experience, and after taking the photo I stood still and watched, trying to grasp the view and the atmosphere with all my senses. Later that evening, my partner and her two boys where observing two deers in the grainfield.

  5. Sean

    Thanks, Lexicloudiker, for sharing it with us. :)

  6. Lexikaliker

    My lexipleasure ;-)


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