Der erste Schnee … Morgenspaziergang 



Hobonichi Techo

Gutes neues Jahr!

6 Kommentare zu „Jahreswechsel”

  1. Sola

    Wow, so this is how it gets ;) I started mine about ten days ago.
    Happy new year Gunther, and I look forward to many more exciting articles!

  2. Baktasch

    Very impressive. I suppose you have written and sketched quite a lot in this Techo. I assume you also glued some stuff into the pages.

  3. Lara Connock

    Great photo! I love photos of old, battered, well-used and much-loved journals. By the the time they are finished they have become a treasured companion, haven’t they? But then there is the new, crisp and pristine journal which is patiently waiting for new memories to be shared and a new friendship to be made. Happy writing, Lexikaliker!

  4. Matthias

    Alles Gute fuer das neue Jahr!

  5. Lexikaliker

    Thank you all and Happy New Year!

    Sola: I hope you will enjoy your Techo! – I'll do my best in 2015 :-)

    Baktasch: I can't draw properly but I have written a lot into it. About 11 months ago I have bought an inexpensive laser colour printer, and printing photos 9 cm wide became its main purpose :-)

    Lara Connock: Thank you! Yes, the Techo has indeed become a treasured companion, and it was great to look back at 2014 through it. I have used it also as a diary and have sticked a lot into it (mainly photos) so it is also some kind of family album.

    Matthias: Danke, Dir auch!

  6. Lexikaliker

    Das zweite in den Techo 2015 geklebte Foto zeigt Kisho und die Akita-Hündin Ajumi (zum Vergrö­ßern anklicken):

    Kisho und Ajumi


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