Auch heute gibt's nur einen schnellen Scan, und zwar von einer Anzeige, die 1977 den Druckbleistift STAEDTLER MARS-MICROGRAPH HS bewarb1.


Soweit ich weiß, stand „HS” für „half sliding”. – Die an einen Integralhelm erinnernde Vari­ante des Mars-Kopfes und die befremdliche DT-Ligatur wurden von 1973 bis 2001 benutzt.

  1. Wenn ich mit einem Feinminenstift zeichne, bin dann nicht ich der Feinminenzeichner?

Stichwörter: Druckbleistifte, Museum, Reklame, STAEDTLER

10 Kommentare zu „»Feinminenzeichner«”

  1. Aluisio

    Hi, Gunther.

    My new love is the beautifull all black Staedtler 925 35:

    I’m getting a hard time to find one for sell. Do you know a good place to start to look?

  2. Lexikaliker

    Ah, the 925 35 pencils – they are really great! (I have the 05). I am not sure if they are still avail­able officially since the drafting pencils website of STAEDTLER Japan doesn't list the black ones any more, only the blue version. Unfortunately I don't know where to look for them.

  3. Aluisio

    Do you have idea when the black version was made or when do you bought your? It seems a rare mechanical pencil…

  4. Lexikaliker

    I don't know the production date; if I remember correctly I have bought it in early 2008.

  5. Aluisio

    It seems there is a updated version now:

  6. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for the links. To me it looks like there are only differences in the printing on the barrel and the cap.

  7. Aluisio

    As far I know the new Staedtler 925 Meister Edition is limited to 1000 units and is only available in 0.5mm. You can only but at Tokyu Hands stationary stores in Japan…

    Well, Lexikaliker, if you surfing on web and find by coincidence someone selling a black 925 35 0.3mm for a resonable price (US$30 or below), please hit me up! I’m really interested to buy one.

    Another thing, the lead chamber of the regular 925 is plastic made or metal?

  8. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for the details regarding the Meister Edition – I wonder if it was issued on a special occasion.

    I will keep my eyes open for a black 925 35 03!

    The lead chamber of my regular black 925 35 05 is made from plastic.

  9. Reaktorblogführer

    There are some official pictures of the Staedtler 925 Meister Edition.

    The latest date when the black 925 35 can be seen on it’s archived page is 2007-11-11 and it had disappeared by 2007-12-02 so we can guess when it went of production.

    At the moment there’s a 925 35 03 on ebay for about the price of a used kidney. have the black 925 35 still listed but when I asked them some time ago they had only the 0.7 mm.

  10. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for these details!

    A few days ago I have noticed that a piece of the lacquer on the cap of my 925 35 05 came off although I have used this pencil only very few times and have handled it very carefully. I hope that this isn't a manufacturing fault …


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