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Nur ein Foto

In Ermangelung der Zeit für einen längeren Beitrag heute nur ein Foto, und zwar vom Viarco 3500 und dem M+R Pollux.

Nur ein Foto

Das war's auch schon.

Stichwörter: Möbius+Ruppert, Spitzer, Viarco

11 Kommentare zu „Nur ein Foto”

  1. Matt

    Tell us what you think about the pencil ;)

  2. Lexikaliker

    The lead is a little on the rough side, and it broke two times in the Pollux. However, I have enjoyed using it, and the design – it is a pencil from their „Vintage Collection” – adds to the pencil's appeal. And I am a Viarco fan ;-)

  3. Matt

    I agree, their vintage collection has really nice pencils. I don’t like Viarco leads too much, but their designs…

  4. Lexikaliker

    I wouldn't generalize this – I have some other pencils from Viarco, and their leads differ.

  5. Michael Grote


  6. Lexikaliker

    Das freut mich zu hören!

  7. Aluisio

    Gunther, do you know why the Pollux is insanely so expensive? Do you have any idea if the price will drop in the future? I also heard the performance of this pencil is not so reliable…

  8. Matt

    I won’t say „not reliable” but it is sure the quality of the lead depends from batch to batch. I have very nice Viarco with smooth lead…I also had some bad surprises. But it’s hard to equal Japanese pencils!

  9. Lexikaliker

    Aluisio: I don't have business training so I can't say anything about costing and pricing; besides that I lack the necessary details. While most other sharpeners share the same cutting geometry the Pollux has a new design which had to be developed and tested; in addition to that it is not mass manufactured. There is no machine which spews out hundreds per day ;-)

    Matt: I too have made the experience that there is some variation of quality with Viarco pencils but on the whole I am happy with them.

  10. Aluisio

    Yes, I understand. But in the case of the Castor sharpener (which cost the same of the Pollux) it not makes sense. Even if you compare with the Kum Masterpiece that comes with double blades, plastic pieces, plastic cover and neoprene case and costs half the price of Castor… :(

  11. Lexikaliker

    I have been a fan of the Masterpiece for a while despite its workmanship which could be better and the silly lettering but finally the two-step process put me off – to me it's just too fussy for everyday use. As far as the additional parts – espcially the cover and the case – are concerned I would like to say it with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” To me these parts don't add value to the sharpener, and besides that the concept of the Masterpiece is half a century old so there was no need to develop a new design. And it's brass, not magnesium; this makes a differ­ence too. Yes, with both Pollux and Castor you get less in terms of number of pieces and material volume but I doubt that these are the proper criteria to assess a sharpener and the sharpening experience.


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