Bleistifthölzer (2) „Glück auf” 



Ein STAEDTLER Noris 122 auf einem Fußweg in Rüsselsheim

Stichwörter: Noris, STAEDTLER

11 Kommentare zu „Ramponiert”

  1. Sola

    Noooooooo!!!!! ;o;

  2. Lexikaliker

    But the Noris still writes well! :-) A ballpoint pen or a fountain pen in this pitiable condition would most likely have ceased operation.

  3. Jürgen

    Trotz des ramponierten Zustands strahlt der Noris auf dem Foto eine gewisse Würde aus :-) Und es ist richtig: Er schreibt auf jeden Fall noch. Hurt, but still alive!

  4. Wowter

    Is this little baby still where you photographed it? Or did you find a new parent for this slightly worn humble peasant? I cannot imagine you would leave it so alone in a deserted place …

  5. Lexikaliker

    Jürgen: Stimmt! Und das klassische Design trägt sicher auch dazu bei.

    Wowter: I left it there but when I returned to that place yesterday it was still there, only moved a little (click the photos to enlarge):


    This time I took the Noris with me – rescued:


    Restored and ready for operation:


  6. Wowter

    All ends well, like in a fairytale. Wonderful! The pencil resembles vintage jeans. They gain in value by their slight irregularities, dents, scratches and holes. Maybe marketing of Staedtler will start selling similar Norises :-). I think yours has found a great parent.

  7. Lexikaliker

    Wowter, I'm happy to hear that you like it! Yes, there is indeed something to the wear and tear; however, it doesn't make holding the pencil a pleasure. – Maybe it could be sold as „stone-washed” too ;-)

  8. Reaktorblogführer

    It looks like scratched pencils gain in value as well.

  9. Lexikaliker

    Damn! I should have left the Noris as it was to sell it on eBay ;-)

  10. Wowter

    Maybe the eBay guy from Croatia dumps his pencils on the special grey shaded footpath of Gunther just to mature them and let them gain value for attractiveness. Yes, your daily walks with Kisho do the trick! But now last week he has lost an item with a value of 450 dollars. What a tragedy for him. A tableau of fine photographs of these orphans however will yield a fortune too, I assume. On my iPad I enjoy watching them. No need to possess them, just visual splendour and imagination. There is no alternative for Lexikaliker.

  11. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for your kind words, Wowter!

    What an idea – dumping pencils on a footpath to mature them ;-) Of course there is a certain amount of risk involved in it as this particular case shows. However, the price suggests that the loss of some items is already taken into account ;-)

    I hope to find more!


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