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  1. The word „gehö­ren“ (in the sense of „dazu­ge­hö­ren“) has seve­ral mea­nings. In this con­text it can mean „include“ or „is a part of“, and with this I would trans­late the quote into „Wis­dom includes being a little crazy some­ti­mes“. Howe­ver, „gehö­ren“ can also stand for some kind of requi­re­ment, com­mit­ment or even obli­ga­tion, and in that case the quote could be freely trans­la­ted into „Part of being wise is being a little crazy some­ti­mes“. Your trans­la­tion – with the wise man having the right to be a little crazy some­ti­mes, i. e. indi­ca­ting an aut­ho­rity – is close to the lat­ter. This would make see­king wis­dom even more attractive ;-)

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