Warum der Bleistift?

Warum der Bleistift?

Wri­ting is a form of magic that con­nects our brains and hands in a way that typ­ing can­not equal. When we type, at least part of our brain is uncon­sciously dis­trac­ted by the mecha­nics of the action. „Where­s the backspace key?“ „How do I get an umlaut?“ „How do I magnify the page view?“ Using the com­bi­na­tion of hard­ware and soft­ware dis­rupts the flow of thoughts in a way that a pen­cil doesn­t. It may need shar­pe­ned once in a while, but we can rotate it to obtain the best point wit­hout giving it a thought.

Ein lie­bens­wer­tes Plä­doyer für den Blei­stift: „Why the pen­cil?“.

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