Nur ein Bleistift …?

Aus dem Bei­trag der Desi­gne­rin Arina Fjo­do­rova (Litauen) für den Foto­wett­be­werb „De­sign in the Wild“, den Core77 und Braun im Rah­men des Braun­Prize 2012 veranstalten:

After wri­ting down many pages notes and ideas, I rea­li­sed that all this time I was hol­ding the grea­test inven­tion of any­thing made by man – a pencil.

„Just a Pencil…?“

Ein Blick auf die ande­ren Bei­träge die­ses Wett­be­werbs lohnt sich auch!

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  1. Thanks for the share. “ Could you ima­gine that pen­cils were used by world famous sci­en­tists… to com­plete their magni­fi­cent works…“ That’s in fact one moti­va­tion for me to use woo­den pen­cil ins­tead of rol­ler pens etc for work: my idol phy­si­cist Richard Feyn­man men­tio­ned at seve­ral places in his books his loyalty to pen­cils, it’s silly but I secretly wish by also using pen­cils I can rub off some magic from the legen­dary Feyn­man :p

  2. To those who neither look clo­ser nor have a spe­cial rela­tion to ever­y­day objects it may look silly but to me it’s not – quite the con­trary: details like the one you have men­tio­ned make up the back­ground of objects, just like aspects of their manu­fac­tu­ring and the manufacturer’s history. They also enhance the sta­tus of the objects (which is of course misu­sed for mar­ke­ting pur­po­ses some­times), and in some cases e. g. with the Eber­hard Faber Black­wing 602 they are not only en­tertaining but can pro­vide a start­ing point for excur­si­ons into cul­tu­ral history. – Keep on rub­bing off the magic! :-)

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