Unser Kisho hat heute sei­nen ers­ten Geburtstag!


Wir fei­ern mit sei­nem Bru­der Shiro (er stammt aus dem glei­chen Wurf und hat daher auch Geburts­tag), sei­ner Mut­ter Inka und allen dazu­ge­hö­ri­gen Zwei­bei­nern; selbst­ge­machte Lecker­lies und Kuchen ste­hen parat. – „Wir haben ganz schön einen an der Waf­fel“, meint meine bes­sere Hälfte und hat damit natür­lich völ­lig recht.

5 Kommentare zu „Eins“

  1. deh: Danke! Ich werde es ausrichten :-)

    Sola: As far as I know Kisho’s name in Kanji is 紀章 so it doesn’t look like the names have any cha­rac­ters in com­mon (howe­ver, I don’t know about their simi­la­rity or rela­ti­onship). – May I ask what kind of puppy do you have? And how is its name pronounced?

  2. Oh, by „puppy“ I meant my son :) We can’t afford to keep pets because we have to move every three years or so, other­wise I would love to have a cat. In Korean the name is pro­no­un­ced „Gilsang“, and Kisho would be cal­led „Gijang“ alt­hough we would actually use a dif­fe­rent word to mean „medal“ or „honor“, as I think his name means.

  3. Oh! Thank you for cla­ri­fy­ing and for the expl­ana­tion of you son’s name. – I am not sure about the mea­ning of the name „Kisho“ but we have been told that it means „He who is aware of his mind and knows how to use it“. Given his strength of will and his tac­tics to bring us round it looks like there is some­thing in it ;-)

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