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  1. He wants that squir­rel ;) You have storybook-cute squir­rels in Ger­many! Look at that red coat :) Here in Canada they are hea­vy­weight Rodents…

  2. Yes, defi­ni­tely ;-) I was ama­zed how long and intently they have obser­ved each other (that’s why I was able to take pho­tos of both of them). – Our squir­rels are very lovely; some­ti­mes I wish a had a camera with a tele­photo lens to take bet­ter pho­tos. Are the Cana­dian squir­rels really heavy­weight rodents? This sounds really dangerous ;-)

  3. The Euro­pean red squir­rels are also rodents. It is just that we don’t talk about this :-) Same for hams­ters. If it looks cute we try to avoid asso­cia­ting it with rats, mice or other rodents.

  4. I have just loo­ked it up and was sur­pri­sed – I wasn’t aware of the fact that for a zoo­lo­gist squir­rels are rodents too. I defi­ni­tely pre­fer the one in the photo to its rela­tive scur­ry­ing at the water ;-)

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