Kleiner Mann

Seit vie­len Jah­ren schon steht die­ser kleine Mann auf mei­nem Schreib­tisch und hält einen Blei­stift bereit.

Kleiner Mann

Woher ich ihn habe, weiß ich lei­der nicht mehr, und als ein­zige Kenn­zeich­nung trägt er ei­nen Auf­kle­ber mit „Made in Ger­many“. Kennt jemand aus mei­ner geschätz­ten Leser­schaft den Namen und die Her­kunft die­ses klei­nen Mannes?

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  1. Thank you for the link, Wow­ter! There are quite a few online stores in Asia which offer this figu­rine but the one you have lin­ked to has the most pho­tos I have seen so far. Unfort­u­na­tely there is no indi­ca­tion of a manu­fac­tu­rer (I wish the bar­code in one of the pho­tos could be read). In Ger­many ALFI is know for their ther­mal cof­fee pots but this ALFI is a dif­fe­rent com­pany. I have loo­ked at the Deut­sches Patent- und Mar­ken­amt, but none of the 14 active brands named „ALFI“ has some­thing to do with pla­s­tic figu­ri­nes. Sola from pen­cils and other things has found out that the gentle­man was ori­gi­nally the cha­rac­ter for a phar­maceu­ti­cal com­pany. I will look into that.

  2. Thank you for these links too, Wow­ter! They are very inte­res­t­ing because they show the same logo as the Raku­ten offe­ring and indi­cate that the com­pany ALFI exists for at least 50 years. I will cont­act the one behind Coll­ec­ti­ble Ham­burg; maybe he knows more. – Of course it could be possi­ble that the ALFI name has been sold and the figu­rine is now made by a Ger­man OEM.

    I have to admit that I am now a little obses­sed with the wish to find out where these figu­ri­nes are made by whom!

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