In den Mainzer Asphalt eingedrückte Alltagsdinge

In den Main­zer Asphalt ein­ge­drückte Alltagsdinge

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  1. Did you colour these in with chalk or some­thing befor pho­to­gra­phing, or colour after­wards, or …?

  2. No, I have only crop­ped and sca­led the pic­ture but haven’t colou­red it, neit­her before nor after­wards. – It was a real eye-catcher in the grey asphalt surface.

  3. So they were already colou­red in, in the asphalt? Was it some sort of art pro­ject, or just a cou­ple of things acci­dently drop­ped and pres­sed into the asphalt? Or…?

  4. Unfor­tu­n­a­tely I don’t know. The items are pres­sed into a small amount of asphalt that was used to fill a gap bet­ween paving stones:

    In den Mainzer Asphalt eingedrückte Alltagsdinge

    In a cer­tain way it looks as the items have been arran­ged which – tog­e­ther with their colour – could also speak in favour of an art pro­ject (or at least of a deli­be­rate act).

    Wer sich die Stü­cke im Ori­gi­nal anschauen will, kann sich hier eine kmz-Datei für Google Earth herunterladen.

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