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  1. So what’s your take on Field Notes paper? I got a set of Field Notes black note­books that was an utter dis­ap­point­ment with pen­cils and foun­tain pens. I only used it with ball­points -which is the least of my favo­rite wri­ting instruments.

    The cover is quite nice, thou.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you were dis­ap­poin­ted with your Field Notes note­book! I haven’t used the note­book from the photo yet but ano­ther one (my first one, with a plain brown cover) was pretty good. Howe­ver, I have heard that the paper they use is not always the same.

  3. How is the Staedt­ler Mars Micro­graph 771?

    I really like how it looks. Is it a good qua­lity bot­tom heavy pen­cil? Is there any left stock of this pen­cils left in Ger­many with good price?

  4. Ist der Umschlag des Notiz­buchs aus Holz oder ist das Holz ein gedruck­tes Bild? Wenn es aus Holz ist, ist das Fur­nier auf irgend ein ande­res Mate­rial geklebt?

  5. Alui­sio: I had (and sold) the STAEDTLER Mars Micro­graph HS 771 17 but haven’t used it so I can’t say any­thing about it. Howe­ver, I have used STAEDTLER Mars Micro­graph F 770 0.5 (which is quite simi­lar) for a very long time and have enjoyed it. I can’t rule out the pos­si­bi­lity that there are still some of them NOS in Ger­man stores but I can ima­gine that they are quite dif­fi­cult to find. – Thank you for the link!

    Ber­hard: Der Umschlag besteht aus Holz, das auf Kraft­pa­pier geklebt ist.

  6. Sei­tens des Hol­zes wird die Sache aller­dings bei Feuch­tig­keit nicht wirk­lich ver­zug­frei sein. Außer­dem finde ich die Schäl­fur­niere häß­lich. Daher für mich keine Ougen­weide, da lass ich die Äug­lein lie­ber andern­orts grasen.

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