Erinnerungen an den KREUZER BLIFT Zwei rote Rosen 

Wer hat den Kleinsten?

Druckbleistift Zebra TS3

Der Druckbleistift Zebra TS3 aus Japan ist mit einer Länge von etwa 99 mm der kürzeste mir bekannte Vertreter dieser Gattung (Platz zwei belegt der Pilot Birdie mit ca. 111 mm). Wer kennt einen noch kleineren?

Stichwörter: Druckbleistifte, Pilot, Zebra

8 Kommentare zu „Wer hat den Kleinsten?”

  1. Henrik

    Well, my Graf von Faber-Castell mini pencil beats this. 89 mm closed and 105 mm open.

  2. Lexikaliker

    Henrik, thank you for your comment.

    That’s impressive – is it this one?

    After the T3 and the Birdie I got the Mitsubishi Jumpop and a small mechanical pencil from Muji but they are 105 mm (closed) resp. 103 mm in size and therefore longer too.

  3. Henrik

    Yes, indeed it is the Taschenstift.I see now Faber Castell states that it’s 90 mm - so I checked again. Mine still measures 89 :=) Maybe I got the short version? Anyway, it’s a nice pencil, but a bit too slender for my hand - I guess it’s more for show.
    kind regards

  4. Lexikaliker

    I assume that Faber-Castell has just rounded it up to state a length in centimetres.

    How is it to hold the pencil? Are the grooves helpful? – I am now curious so I will look for the pencil although I am afraid that its price will surprise me (to put it mildly).

  5. Henrik

    I think you’re right about the centimetres. Just kidding.:=)
    Hmm, well, I think of it as a very expensive novelty pencil. It is very small, slender and heavy- so it doesn’t see much use.

  6. Lexikaliker

    Ah, I see – this fits into the picture I have from several „Graf von Faber-Castell” products. It may sound very negative but several of them give me the impression that they weren’t actually made for daily use but as decorative or collector’s items (or maybe some kind of investment).

    How do the mechanical parts and the inner workings compare to a standard mechanical pencil, e. g. from Pentel oder Pilot? Do they match the high-end design?

  7. Henrik

    It seems we see eye to eye on Faber Castell’s products – I was afraid, I was the one too negative!
    Well, it is twist - activated, not propelling as I expected. (You turn the top ¼ of a turn, and it springs back, when the lead advances). The bottom screw – the access to the lead chamber- had a habit of coming loose, when it rode in my shirt pocket- so no, I can’t describe it as very functional. A pity really – because I find, that Faber Castell’s products look so nice…

  8. Lexikaliker

    That’s indeed a real pity – making the pencil more suitable for everyday use would surely increase its value as a writing instrument.


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