Nr. 231

Klei­ner Spit­zer ganz groß: Der Nr. 231 von Möbius+Ruppert. Das genaue Alter die­ses Mag­nesium-Spitzers kenne ich nicht, doch da das Logo auf sei­ner Rück­seite bis 1992 genutzt wurde, ist er min­des­tens 20 Jahre alt; das Mes­ser stammt wohl aus aktu­el­ler Pro­duk­tion. – Unnö­tig zu sagen, dass mir seine Form sehr gut gefällt.

Nr. 231

Nr. 231

Nr. 231

Nr. 231

Nr. 231

Nach­trag vom 16.3.12: Ich habe erfah­ren, dass es sich bei die­sem Spit­zer um ein Mus­ter vom Anfang der 80er Jahre han­delt. Der 231 wurde mit dem Ziel eines mög­lichst gerin­gen Mate­ri­al­ver­brauchs kon­zi­piert, ging aber nie in Serie.

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  1. Great pho­tos! I’ve never seen a shar­pe­ner quite like it. Are M&R’s cur­rent blades com­pa­ti­ble with this shar­pe­ner, or is it resi­gned to a life on the shelf due to an irre­placeable blade?

  2. Thank you! I haven’t swap­ped the blades yet but as far as I know (and have quickly mea­su­red) the blades are com­pa­ti­ble. – By the way, the blade stays sharp very long. Now and then I hear the recom­men­da­tion that it needs to be repla­ced after a few pen­cils but this would be a waste (of course it depends on the qua­lity of the steel but to me the pro­ducts of Möbius+Ruppert are be­yond all criticism).

  3. I’ve also read that a sharpener’s blade is only good for a few pen­cils, but dis­missed it as non­sense. As you say, it’s also incre­di­bly was­teful, and my M+R gre­nade has done many times that wit­hout beco­ming noti­ce­ably impai­red. My F–C UFO blade is in need of repla­cing after seve­ral years’ of use, but I con­sider that a good run.

    It’s a shame to hear this never went into full pro­duc­tion. I like both its unu­sual shape, and its goal of mini­mi­sing the amount of mate­rial requi­red to manu­fac­ture it. It’s much more inte­res­t­ing than the stan­dard wedge shape.

    Spea­king of M+R: they appear to have ter­ri­ble dis­tri­bu­tion in the UK. The only place I ever saw their pro­ducts for sale was the now-closed sta­tio­ners I used to fre­quent. Other than that, and the occa­sio­nal gre­nade on eBay, they’re nowhere to be found, which is a real shame because they have a really inte­res­t­ing range of pro­ducts.

  4. You were right with dis­miss­ing the repla­ce­ment recom­men­da­tion as non­sense. The M+R blades have HRC 65, and this makes them very lasting.

    M+R had seve­ral other shapes that aren’t in pro­duc­tion any more (or have never been) but I was told that in quite a few cases the tools still exist so if there is a cos­tu­mer who will buy a cer­tain num­ber of shar­pe­ners an old model can be pro­du­ced for him.

    Thank you for let­ting me know about M+R’s ter­ri­ble dis­tri­bu­tion in the UK – I will tell M+R about it.

  5. I am rea­ding through this ency­clo­pe­dia of striking, mind blo­wing, asto­nis­hing, ‚you name it‘- facts on pen­cils, shar­pe­ners, era­sers and other gems. Since I only star­ted visi­ting the blog at the start of 2013 I still have a lot of won­derful mate­rial to read. Rea­ding back­wards … So today I stumb­led on the Nr. 231.

    OK, as a con­se­quence of the above notes by Lexi­ka­li­ker (all machi­nes /manufacturing tools are still at hand we only need orders), I would like to order 20 pie­ces of the beau­tiful Nr. 231 by Möbius+Ruppert. Anyone else inte­res­ted? Let us start our own crowd fun­ding plat­form. It is no pro­blem for me to pay in advance.

  6. Wow­ter, thank you very much for your kind words! Howe­ver, I don’t think that I deserve them since there are so many details I don’t know and have to leave out.

    I wish there was a way to revive that shar­pe­ner (or ano­ther, e. g. the Janus 4048). More than once I have asked M+R about the mini­mum quan­tity and the costs to be expec­ted but I haven’t got a reply yet. Maybe it is because I am not a busi­ness customer …

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