W.Z. № 507558 Der EPCON-Bleistift 

Super, Mario!

Super, Mario!

Für Kinder jeden Alters: „Super Mario”-Bleistifte aus Japan von uni/Mitsubishi Pencil.

Stichwörter: Kinder, Mitsubishi

8 Kommentare zu „Super, Mario!”

  1. Stationery Traffic

    I won’t be showing that to my son: he is totally mad about anything Nintendo…

  2. Lexikaliker

    That’s great – please show it to him and tell him that I’d be happy to send him two of these pencils.

  3. Andy @ Woodclinched

    As a child of the 90’s, I love these! Tell me, is that graphic wrapped on with a clear foil, or is it silkscreened? I hate it when it’s just wrapped.

  4. Lexikaliker

    I have asked an expert and he told me that it is a foil, recognizable by the shadows (among other things); however, it is of very good quality. A close look reveals an insignificant offset where the foil overlaps but it is hardly noticeable. Besides that, the printed foil may be more resistant to abrasion that a direct silkscreen on the pencil.

  5. Koralatov

    I remember seeing similar in a games shop when Super Mario 64 was released back in… 1996 or so? I didn’t buy them (my pocket money was all but spent by that point), and I remember regretting it. When I went back the next week, they were all gone. I blame this one incident for exacerbating my stationery-hoarding instincts to their current, insane degree.

  6. Lexikaliker

    I am not sure about the date (I am the generation who marveled at Pong). I am sorry to hear that you didn’t get these pencils back then. May I offer you one of the ones in the photo? It won’t cure you from your stationery-hoarding instincts (but I am sure that you don’t want to part with it now).

  7. Stationery Traffic

    I have just shown that to my son; he’s very impressed!

  8. Lexikaliker

    That’s great! Please tell him that he will get two.


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