Als inves­ti­ga­ti­ver Blog­ger werde ich nicht müde, mei­ner geschätz­ten Leser­schaft auch sol­che Ein­bli­cke zu ver­mit­teln, die sie andern­orts nicht gebo­ten bekommen.


Der sehr gute Minen-Behälterspitzer uni DPS-600 besteht aus sie­ben Kunststoff- und drei Metall­tei­len und ist rasch zer­legt und zusammengesetzt.

4 Kommentare zu „Zerlegt“

  1. Great photo!

    Loo­king at this photo for some reason made me ima­gine that when you were a junior Lexi­ka­li­ker, your par­ents often had to tell you to „stop taking apart the pen­cil shar­pe­ners…“ (which was fol­lo­wed by) „…and leave the radios alone too!“ :)

  2. Thank you! Howe­ver, I wish I were able to avoid these ugly reflec­tions but with smooth, roun­ded sur­faces I haven’t found a way yet (except for shoo­ting in the dark which doesn’t count as a solution).

    Of course I have enjoyed to dis­as­sem­ble things when I was a boy but for­t­u­na­tely not to such an extend that my par­ents had to hold be back. Maybe that’s why I have to make up for it now ;-)

  3. Of course I have used dif­fu­sed light­ing, namely milky foil to scat­ter the light. While this has worked in most cases it has fai­led this time (even taking two lay­ers of that foil hasn’t yiel­ded a satis­fac­tory result). Maybe I should try indi­rect light­ing on the next occasion.

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