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Kurz notiert

Nachtrag vom 8.10.14: Bemerkenswerte Details zur Tomoegawa Co., dem Hersteller des „Tomoe River”-Papiers, gibt es unter „Tomoe River Paper” bei pencilsandotherthings.

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  1. Sola

    Pencil Talk has been offline for some time now. I wish the site would come back on even if there are no new posts! It’s such a great resource page. However it is still possible to look up things in it by googling „pencil talk technograph” etc.

  2. Lexikaliker

    Yes, pencil talk is a great resource, and I haven't noticed it only recently that the main page – and with it the search function – isn't accessible any longer (fortunately direct links still work). I too hope that it will come back!

  3. Wowter

    Jetpens has added some new products based on Tomoe River paper, very recently. Such as an A5 note pad with 30 pages.

    This Kickstarter campaign with specially marked pencils is a great idea. I was wondering: Are these pencils really made in the UK or is it only the printing of the mileage on the pencils? Pencil manufacturing requires an economy of scale. How small can a factory be?

  4. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for the details about JetPen's Tomoe River offerings – it is great to see that the number of products with that paper is increasing. Re Tomow River: I am currently enjoying the Hobonichi Memo Pad, also made of Tomoe River paper. It is 140mm × 95mm, thread stitched, has 48 pages with micro-perforation and fits nicely not only in the back pocket of the Techo cover but also in the shirt pocket. And for 180 Yen each (about 1.30 Euro) it's a real bargain!

    Since the campaigners state „The pencil will be produced by one of the last remaining pencil man­ufacturers in England, Chambers pencils, a 90 year old family run business” I assume that the pencil is really manufactured in the UK. However, since there are only seven days left and just 58% of the goal achieved it doesn't look like the campaign is successful.

  5. Matthias

    After a few busy days I’m quite behind with following stationery blogs (even more behind with updating my own one) and just saw your post now. I believe that pencil talk is only temporarily offline. I did contact Stephen early September when his site displayed an error message. He then followed this up and I believe the problems were caused by some hosting issues. I think pencil talk will be online again in the future, but it might take quite a while as Stephen is rather busy.

  6. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for that detail. A few days ago I have been in contact with Stephen too and learned the same, and I hope his weblog will return completely (you can still visit his weblogs via direct links but not through the main page).

  7. Anonymous

    Danke fuers Link! Mind if I add your comments on the Hobonichi Memo Pad to the Tomoe River master post?

  8. Lexikaliker

    You're welcome! Of course you can add my comments on the Hobonichi Memo Pad to the Tomoe River master post.


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