Kurz notiert

  • Nach dem er lange ein schwer zu fin­den­des Samm­ler­stück war, ist der graue Pen­tel Smash (Q1005-2A) seit Juni wie­der erhält­lich; ver­trie­ben wird er exklu­siv von Ama­zon Japan (der schwarze ist nach wie regu­lär erhält­lich.). – Danke an Sola für den Hinweis!
  • Den 0,2-mm-Druckbleistift Pen­tel orenz wird es ab Herbst 2015 auch in Deutsch­land geben.

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  1. Now is the time to Staedt­ler make the black 925 35 available again! I really liked the 925 model and the black color makes the mecha­ni­cal pen­cil even more beau­tifull. I think is my second best loo­king pen­cil (right after the Rot­ring 600).

    The Pen­tel Orenz being available in Ger­many is a good sign that the offer is incre­asing. I hope the 0.2mm leads start to be more available worlwide.

  2. The black STAEDTLER 925 35 is indeed a beau­tiful pen­cil, and I would rate its uti­lity value hig­her than the one of the Rot­ring 600 because the lat­ter is just to heavy for pro­lon­ged wri­ting (at least to me). – To be honest I have finally given up using the 600. One reviewer at Ama­zon wrote about this pen­cil: „In short, the pen­cil is the Apple of mecha­ni­cal pen­cils – over­pri­ced, over­ra­ted, and over­hy­ped.“ This may sound harsh but I think there is some­thing to it.

    A wider avai­la­bi­lity of the Pen­tel orenz is a good sign. Not so long ago a 0.3 mm ver­sion has been intro­du­ced in Japan; as far as I know this is the only 0.3 mm pen­cil with a full sli­ding sleeve. Maybe it will be offe­red out­side Japan too!

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  4. Thank you for that detail! I don’t like rub­ber grips but it is great to see that the Orenz is get­ting pro­duct care. It would be great if they would issue an all-metal ver­sion someday!

  5. If I under­stand cor­rectly, on google trans­la­tor it says they will release a metal grip ver­sion in Janu­ary 2016.

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