Pilot S15

Pilot S15

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Pfif­fige Köpfe haben her­aus­ge­fun­den, wie man das Griff­stück des Druck­blei­stifts Pilot S20 gegen das des Pilot S10 tau­schen kann. Die Bezeich­nung S15 für die­sen neuen Stift liegt natür­lich nahe! – Bei Gele­gen­heit mehr dazu.

Nach­trag vom 10.2.19: Details zum Umbau gibt es hier.

8 Kommentare zu „Pilot S15“

  1. Of course the S10 is more bot­tom heavy than the S20 because its metal grip is hea­vier. – I have used the S15 only briefly yet so I can’t say any­thing about lon­ger use. Howe­ver, the S15 looks much bet­ter to me than the S10 because of its woo­den upper part and the absence of any mar­kings (I have even remo­ved the mar­kings from the Gear­let 54.)

  2. Hello. I was won­de­ring how to do this. I am curr­ently try­ing to do this mys­elf but can­not remove the old woo­den grip from the metal sleeve to screw on the tip.

  3. Nicho­las, you need much force since the lower part is held not only by a thread but also by glue. I sug­gest remo­ving the clip so you can grab the upper part of the bar­rel firmly wit­hout scrat­ching it. Then remove the tip and uns­crew the lower part counter-clockwise. Moun­ting the lower part of the S10 is a little tri­cky too but I hope to be able to explain it here soon.

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