Ein Bleistift verschwindet An der Ostsee 

Conté Indiana № 1073

Heute nur ein Foto, da mir die Gestaltung dieses Bleistifts und seiner Verpackung sehr gut gefällt.

Conté Indiana № 1073

Leider kann ich zum Conté Indiana № 1073 nichts sagen.

Stichwörter: Museum

4 Kommentare zu „Conté Indiana № 1073”

  1. Matt

    They seem to be older than the merge of Conté with Gilbert-Blanzy-Poure (in 1960, but Gilbert had already bought Conté in 1950).

    The fact that their hardness is HB-n°2 might indicate a later production…but really here I’m just guessing, since maybe they were destined to the export market (”made in France” and not „fabriqué en France”)?

    Interestingly too, the „Indiana” lineup, coming from Conté, was continued to almost the end of French made pencils era by Conté/Gilbert/Bic, whereas most of the late offering of Bic/Conté was issued from the Gilbert/Blanzy-Poure original lineup. I’m not much of a pencil historian, but I wish Conté name was kept in the pencil production…I also wish I were more interested in pencils when I was young, there was some colorful offerings from these now defunct brands!

  2. Lexikaliker

    Matt, thank you for your comment and these details! So these pencils could be 50 years old. – I have also looked for the „Indiana” name and was suprised how many variations existed. I wonder why Conté has choosen this name!

  3. Guillermo de la Maza

    The typography and design of old pencils and its containers fascinates me!

    Thank you very much for sharing this enormous wealth of information on writing instruments.

  4. Lexikaliker

    I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the typography and the design too. – Thank you for your kind words!


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