Ein Bleistift verschwindet

Ende 2015 hat STAEDTLER die Sor­ti­ments­er­wei­te­rung des Bleistift-Klassikers Mars Lumo­graph vor­ge­stellt. Mit 7H, 8H, 9H und 9B kamen vier Här­te­grade hinzu, und die Här­te­grade 7B und 8B ent­hal­ten nun kei­nen Ruß mehr. Neu sind der Lumo­graph Black in 2B, 4B, 6B und 8B mit hohem Ruß­an­teil. Damit ver­schwin­det der alte Lumo­graph 7B.

Ein Bleistift verschwindet

Man­che Händ­ler haben noch Rest­be­stände, und so trifft man ihn zuwei­len zusam­men mit dem neuen 7B an. Wäh­rend die Mine des alten auf­grund des Ruß­an­teils matt­schwarz ist, lässt der hohe Gra­phit­an­teil des neuen die Mine grau glänzen.

Ein Bleistift verschwindet

Wer gerne den alten 7B benutzt hat, sollte sich jetzt noch Rest­be­stände sichern. – Inter­es­sant zu wis­sen wäre, ob die Mine des neuen Black 8B der des alten 8B ent­spricht; falls nicht, würde letz­te­rer eben­falls verschwinden.

Anm.: Die Grade 7B und 8B des Lumo­graph, der am 1. August 1930 ein­ge­führt wurde, kamen als EXB und EX-EXB auf den Markt. Spä­ter änderte man die Bezeich­nun­gen zu EB und EE und in der zwei­ten Hälfte der 1990er Jahre zu 7B und 8B. In Thai­land war der Lumo­graph EE jedoch so beliebt, dass man den Namen dort noch eine ganze Weile behal­ten hat. Es gibt immer wie­der Dis­kus­sio­nen dar­über, ob nicht nur die Bezeich­nung, son­dern auch die Rezep­tur die­ser bei­den Grade geän­dert wurde (siehe dazu auch „The hunt for the EE grade pen­cil“ bei pen­cil talk).

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  1. What a change in appearance: black turns into grey. Could it be there are envi­ron­men­tal reasons for chan­ging the recipe? Soot (Ruß) can con­tain hazar­dous poly­aro­ma­tic hydro­car­bons. Or is it just moti­va­ted by a reduc­tion of costs?

  2. Wow­ter, thank you for your com­ment. As far as I know many a cus­to­mer has won­de­red about the change of the pencils’s cha­rac­te­ristic from 6B to 7B; maybe the change of the recipes for 7B and 8B which makes the pen­cil range con­sis­tent was a reac­tion to this. – Thank you for the details on the toxi­city of soot! I didn’t know that. I don’t think that there were envi­ron­men­tal reasons or the moti­va­tion to reduce costs; other­wise they wouldn’t have intro­du­ced the Lumo­graph Black which con­ta­ins soot in all four gra­des. – By the way, in the early days of pen­cil making adding soot to increase the black­ness was disapproved-of.

  3. When I stumb­led upon the Staedt­ler Mars Lumo­graph Black, I thought I had rea­ched hea­ven because of their dar­ker tonal values and their beau­tiful lead with a matte finish.

    But am a bit con­fu­sed now, I don’t own a sin­gle Mars Lumo­graph Blue but been thin­king about buy­ing a set of 6 to com­ple­ment the afo­re­men­tio­ned pen­cils, but lately I’ve heard, read and seen on seve­ral blogs and vlogs that the dif­fe­ren­tia­ting fac­tor for these ver­sus Faber Cas­tell or Mtisu­bi­shi Hi-Uni is also their dar­ker tonal value (on the sof­ter gra­des) which appro­xi­ma­tes to black, rather than grey.

    So, are they back to a nor­mal gra­phite pen­cil now?

  4. Until 2016 there was only the blue Lumo­graph in 6H to 8B; 7B and 8B were dif­fe­rent since they con­tai­ned soot. The range exten­sion brought the Lumo­graph in the new gra­des 7H to 9H and 9B (now 20 gra­des in total), and the gra­des 7B and 8B do not lon­ger con­tain soot (and of course the new 9B doesn’t eit­her). In addi­tion to that the Lumo­graph Black was intro­du­ced; it is available in 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B, and all gra­des con­tain soot.

    So now there are two lines, namely the blue Lumo­graph in 9H to 9B wit­hout soot in the sof­ter gra­des and the Lumo­graph Black in four soft gra­des with soot.

  5. Thanks for the cla­ri­fi­ca­tion Gun­ther. Do you know if Staedt­ler sells a set with all 20 degrees over in Europe?

    On my side of the pond, there are only 12 and 6-pencil sets, and as far as I know, the sof­test grade on them is 8B.

  6. You’re wel­come! The set with 20 hard­ness gra­des is lis­ted on Staedtler’s Ger­man, Japan and USA web­site so I assume it is available almost worldwide.

  7. I live in Mexico, here we don’t seem to get many choices. But upon rea­ding your com­ment, I sear­ched on Ama­zon and came with a 24 set ins­tead! All 20 Lumo­graph Blue gra­des plus 4 Lumo­graph Black pencils.

    Going to check them out. Again, thank you!

  8. The rumor I heard for the change is that peo­ple didn’t like the waxy blacks in with their gra­phite pen­cils so Staedt­ler cra­teda a 2nd black line.

    It is a pity that they drop­ped the 7B, but the 6B has worked fine for me. These are won­derful pen­cils for artists since you can get nice darks wit­hout the reflec­tive shine.

    Per­haps if the Black line beco­mes more popu­lar they will add the 7B back in.

    In any case, I’m happy with the solu­tion, in the long run it’s less con­fu­sing. And it let’s one just buy the blacks, lea­ving other opti­ons for graphite.

  9. I have heard that too. Bes­i­des that the two sof­test gra­des which con­tai­ned soon cau­sed some kind of incon­sis­tency which many a user didn’t like.

    Yes, it was a great decis­ion, and I hope that this range exten­sion will be suc­cessful in the long run too.

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