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  1. But the Noris still wri­tes well! :-) A ball­point pen or a foun­tain pen in this pitia­ble con­di­tion would most likely have cea­sed operation.

  2. Trotz des ram­po­nier­ten Zustands strahlt der Noris auf dem Foto eine gewisse Würde aus :-) Und es ist rich­tig: Er schreibt auf jeden Fall noch. Hurt, but still alive!

  3. Is this little baby still where you pho­to­gra­phed it? Or did you find a new parent for this slightly worn hum­ble peasant? I can­not ima­gine you would leave it so alone in a deser­ted place …

  4. Jür­gen: Stimmt! Und das klas­si­sche Design trägt sicher auch dazu bei.

    Wow­ter: I left it there but when I retur­ned to that place yes­ter­day it was still there, only moved a little (click the pho­tos to enlarge):


    This time I took the Noris with me – rescued:


    Res­to­red and ready for operation:


  5. All ends well, like in a fairy­tale. Won­derful! The pen­cil resem­bles vin­tage jeans. They gain in value by their slight irre­gu­la­ri­ties, dents, scrat­ches and holes. Maybe mar­ke­ting of Staedt­ler will start sel­ling simi­lar Nori­ses :-). I think yours has found a great parent.

  6. Wow­ter, I’m happy to hear that you like it! Yes, there is indeed some­thing to the wear and tear; howe­ver, it doesn’t make hol­ding the pen­cil a plea­sure. – Maybe it could be sold as „stone-washed“ too ;-)

  7. Maybe the eBay guy from Croa­tia dumps his pen­cils on the spe­cial grey shaded foot­path of Gun­ther just to mature them and let them gain value for attrac­ti­ve­ness. Yes, your daily walks with Kisho do the trick! But now last week he has lost an item with a value of 450 dol­lars. What a tra­gedy for him. A tableau of fine pho­to­graphs of these orphans howe­ver will yield a for­tune too, I assume. On my iPad I enjoy wat­ching them. No need to pos­sess them, just visual sple­ndour and ima­gi­na­tion. There is no alter­na­tive for Lexikaliker.

  8. Thank you for your kind words, Wowter!

    What an idea – dum­ping pen­cils on a foot­path to mature them ;-) Of course there is a cer­tain amount of risk invol­ved in it as this par­ti­cu­lar case shows. Howe­ver, the price sug­gests that the loss of some items is alre­ady taken into account ;-)

    I hope to find more!

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