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Ramponiert (2)

Ramponiert (2)

Ein Faber-Castell GRIP 2001 in Mörfelden-Walldorf

Stichwörter: Faber-Castell

10 Kommentare zu „Ramponiert (2)”

  1. Matthias

    Der Arme. Er schaut ja noch schlimmer aus als der Noris.

  2. Lexikaliker


  3. Wowter

    It is good pencils are made of biodegradable material. When lost outside they will return to dust. I wonder if some animal chewed on part of it to increase the speed of decomposition. A great picture that makes you wonder about many different aspects!

  4. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for your kind words! I have enjoyed the light and the shades of grey. – I am not sure how biodegradable the lacquer and the glue are but for the most part a pencil will indeed return to dust. Yes, it really looks as if an animal has chewed on this pencil because its ends don't look like the result of lying around on road metal (by the way, Kisho went past this pencil without recog­nizing it).

  5. Wowter

    Fifty shades for pencil lovers! Did you rescue this one too? I think lost pencils would make an interesting series. Thus I hope you will add new editions in the future.

  6. Lexikaliker

    „Fifty shades for pencil lovers” is great :-) No, I haven't rescued this one although a collection with found pencils came to my mind shortly after I have seen it. About ten found and damaged pencils, arranged neatly and framed may look appealing (but could require months, if not years to com­plete). However, for such a collection I should not have sharpened the Noris but leave it as it is; besides that, I should rather control my collecting urges ;-) Of course I will show more if I find some.

  7. Michael H. Gerloff

    „Bleistifte pflastern seinen Weg” :-)

  8. Lexikaliker

    Sehr schön! :-)

  9. Reaktorblogführer

    Some like their pencils skinned, kicked, bitten and boiled

  10. Lexikaliker

    There are pencils and types of preparation to every taste :-)


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