Schon gewusst?

Wer japa­ni­sche Radie­rer benutzt, hat auf eini­gen sicher schon die recht­eckige Kennzeich­nung mit zwei­stel­li­ger Num­mer bemerkt. Doch was bedeu­tet diese?

Schon gewusst?

Von links: SEED Radar, Hinode­wa­shi Matomaru-kun, Tom­bow MONO, Pen­tel Mark Sheet, Pen­tel Ain Hi-Polymer.

Sie stammt von der 1943 gegrün­de­ten Japa­nese Era­ser Manu­fac­tu­r­ers Asso­cia­tion und ga­rantiert Sicher­heit, Qua­li­tät und Leis­tung des Radie­rers. Der Stan­dard für diese Kennzeich­nung legt Höchst­werte für gesund­heits­schäd­li­che Bestand­teile fest, macht Vor­ga­ben für die Papier- und Kunst­stoff­ver­pa­ckung und defi­niert Ver­fah­ren zur Prü­fung der Radierfähig­keit, der Härte und der Alters­be­stän­dig­keit. Der Japa­nese Era­ser Manu­fac­tu­r­ers Asso­cia­tion haben sich u. a. SEED (01), Hinode­wa­shi (06) und Pen­tel (13) ange­schlos­sen. Jedem Her­steller ist eine zwei­stel­lige Num­mer zuge­wie­sen, und so kann man leicht sehen, von wem der betref­fende Radie­rer stammt (dabei hat mich über­rascht, dass der Klas­si­ker Tom­bow MONO von SEED gefer­tigt wird).

Danke an Sola von pen­cils and other things für den Hin­weis auf die­sen Standard!

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  1. Now I dis­co­vered that the rare in the west Hinode­wa­shi Mato­maru (#06) is from the same manu­fac­tu­rer as the more easy to find W Air-In (I have 3 of this brand). I hope to one day compare both erasers.

    The Pilot and Sakura foam era­sers are really simi­lar, but I have na impres­sion that the Sakura is a little bit bet­ter on the dust gathe­ring subject…

  2. Thank you for men­tio­ning the Plus W Air-In! Do you also have the black one? I have bought one a while ago but haven’t used it yet. I will also compare it to the Hinode­wa­shi Matomaru-kun! Any­way, being made by the same manu­fac­tu­rer doesn’t mean the era­sers are the same too – it all depends on the recipe and the pro­cess para­me­ters. – Yes, I too think that the Sakura Foam is a little bet­ter but the dif­fe­rence isn’t important for the daily use.

  3. Yes, I do have the Tree W Air-In in stick ver­sion in black color. It per­forms exactly like the Mitsu­bi­shi Boxy. Wait… They are from the same manu­fac­tu­rer (#06)!

    I also have two ver­si­ons of Hinode­wa­shi Matomaru-kun in black color block shape, pro­ba­bly the same era­sers but with dif­fe­rent card­boards cover (one with the clas­sic japa­nese kagi logo and other with „pre­mium“ with West cha­rac­ters). Both are still sealed.

  4. The black Plus W Air-In and the Mitsu­bi­shi Boxy are indeed remar­kable simi­lar! They even have the same shape, so in that case I wouldn’t be sur­pri­sed if there are really the same (except for the length which seems to be the only dif­fe­rence). – Some­ti­mes Hinode­wa­shi uses dif­fe­rent covers for the same era­sers, e. g. for spe­cial occa­si­ons like start of school. – By the way, did you know that the stick ver­sion of the Hinode­wa­shi Matomaru-kun fits into the Tom­bow Mono One case, making a great refill?

  5. Oh really sorry, Gun­ther. The stick ver­sion I was refer­ring was the exten­ded blo­cky shaped HMK era­ser (your favo­rite model of era­ser) with in some Raku­ten stores (bro­ken trans­la­tion) they refer as „stick“ model. I was not refer­ring to that kind era­ser­pen with refil made of stick like the Tom­bow Mono One.

    My next Raku­ten purchase will also include a bunch of era­sers to test: Sakura Arch Foam in new black color, Sakura Foam block „stick“, Rab­bit Jun­ker (Sakura manu­fac­tu­rer), Kokuyo Cam­pus Stu­dent, Pilot Clean Era­ser, Pilot pla­s­tic era­ser hol­der, Tom­bow Mono EN-MA and my so wai­ted Hinode­wa­shi Matomaru-Kun in clas­sic block and the „stick“ block. =)

  6. No worries, Alui­sio – I think I have unders­tood you cor­rectly :-) The stick ver­sion has a round diam­eter, just like a pen­cil, and the other one still counts as a block era­ser. – I am eager to hear what you think of the era­sers you will buy at Raku­ten, espe­ci­ally of the Tom­bow Mono EN-MA!

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