Empire of the Sum

Vor­hin ein­ge­trof­fen und sofort ganz oben auf dem Sta­pel mei­ner zu lesen­den Bücher: „Empire of the Sum – The Rise and Reign of the Pocket Cal­cu­la­tor“, das neue Buch von Keith Hous­ton.

Empire of the Sum

Ich hatte bereits große Freude an sei­nen Titeln „Shady Cha­rac­ters“ und „The Book“, und so bin ich auf „Empire of the Sum“ sehr gespannt. – Dane­ben der HP-32S aus dem Jahr 1988, der heute noch so gut funk­tio­niert wie am ers­ten Tag1.

  1. Ledig­lich etwas Staub kam hin­ter das Glas des Dis­plays; die Strei­fen und die dunk­len Spu­ren sind Refle­xio­nen.

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  1. I’m loo­king for­ward to rea­ding this after first hea­ring about it on Blei­stift. I won­der what the Venn dia­gram of lead­heads and cal­cu­la­tor fans looks like?

    I love HP’s RPN cal­cu­la­tors. My main cal­cu­la­tor has been an HP-12C for nearly 15 years. Before that, I used the various Casio sci­en­ti­fics but never really ‘cli­cked’ with one until I read about the 12C and sweet-talked the admin assistant into orde­ring me one on my work’s dime. After a week or so of using it, I couldn’t (and now can’t) go back. Using a cal­cu­la­tor wit­hout a stack seems a bit like using a pen wit­hout ink now.

    My ‘coll­ec­tion’ con­sists of a few HP-12Cs I got quite chea­ply, one older than I am(!), and also an 11C sci­en­ti­fic that I’ve never really used. I don’t have much call for its sci­en­ti­fic func­tions so the 12C works best for me. The delta per­cen­tage key is so useful.

    Is the HP-32S your main cal­cu­la­tor? Do you still use it, or have you left it behind in the Age of Excel? I find the HP-12C very handy for crun­ching little bat­ches of num­bers and a bit fas­ter to do little tests and check ideas than firing up Excel.

  2. Regar­ding the Venn dia­gram of lead­heads and cal­cu­la­tor fans: That’s an inte­res­t­ing ques­tion! I wouldn’t be sur­pri­sed if the over­lap was very large.

    Thank you for sha­ring your cal­cu­la­tor history! The HP-12C is a true clas­sic. – A while ago I was on the verge of buy­ing the HP-15C as a limi­ted edi­tion reis­sue, but then com­mon sense set in; it would just sit in the dra­wer after all.

    My first cal­cu­la­tor was the TI-30, which I got at school. We were the only year group that first had the slide rule and then the cal­cu­la­tor in class (that was really exci­ting back then!). A few years later I got the TI-57 and then the TI-59, whose card rea­der was very impres­sive. I got rid of these devices many years ago and only kept the HP-32S from my studies.

    To be honest, I rarely use the HP-32S any­more, mainly because I don’t have to do that much math, and espe­ci­ally not­hing com­pli­ca­ted. But I take it out of the dra­wer from time to time, use it and enjoy the great tech­no­logy from back then!

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