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Kurz notiert

  • Nach dem er lange ein schwer zu findendes Sammlerstück war, ist der graue Pentel Smash (Q1005-2A) seit Juni wieder erhältlich; vertrieben wird er exklusiv von Amazon Japan (der schwarze ist nach wie regulär erhältlich.). – Danke an Sola für den Hinweis!
  • Den 0,2-mm-Druckbleistift Pentel orenz wird es ab Herbst 2015 auch in Deutschland geben.

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  1. Aluisio

    Now is the time to Staedtler make the black 925 35 available again! I really liked the 925 model and the black color makes the mechanical pencil even more beautifull. I think is my second best looking pencil (right after the Rotring 600).

    The Pentel Orenz being available in Germany is a good sign that the offer is increasing. I hope the 0.2mm leads start to be more available worlwide.

  2. Lexikaliker

    The black STAEDTLER 925 35 is indeed a beautiful pencil, and I would rate its utility value higher than the one of the Rotring 600 because the latter is just to heavy for prolonged writing (at least to me). – To be honest I have finally given up using the 600. One reviewer at Amazon wrote about this pencil: „In short, the pencil is the Apple of mechanical pencils – overpriced, overrated, and overhyped.” This may sound harsh but I think there is something to it.

    A wider availability of the Pentel orenz is a good sign. Not so long ago a 0.3 mm version has been introduced in Japan; as far as I know this is the only 0.3 mm pencil with a full sliding sleeve. Maybe it will be offered outside Japan too!

  3. The sliding sleeve and the Pilot Color Eno | Bleistift

    […] an other diameter of ~0.6 mm. You need less than 1 cN to slide the sleeve. You might have read from Lexikaliker that the Orenz will be available in Germany from autumn 2015. The good news is that the Orenz will […]

  4. Aluisio

    Now they released the 2B hardness for the 0.2mm leads (before was only in HB or B).

  5. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for that detail. I wonder how it will work!

  6. Aluisio

    Good news! It seems they are releasing a new Orenz model: pentel.blog.jp/archives/44766965.html

  7. Lexikaliker

    Thank you for that detail! I don't like rubber grips but it is great to see that the Orenz is getting product care. It would be great if they would issue an all-metal version someday!

  8. Aluisio

    If I understand correctly, on google translator it says they will release a metal grip version in January 2016.

  9. Lexikaliker

    Wow! I am looking forward to seeing it.


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