4 Kommentare zu „A.W. Faber 1927“

  1. The colors are very vivid, espe­ci­ally for its age. Is the paper rather thick (I mean com­pared to a stan­dard piece of office paper or something)?

    Thanks for sha­ring it!

  2. I was sur­pri­sed by the colours too. The paper is rather thin – about 0.09 mm com­pared to the of­fice paper I use at home which is about 0.1 mm (accor­ding to a quick mea­su­re­ment with a cheap micro­me­ter). Unfort­u­na­tely I am totally clue­l­ess when it comes to paper so I can’t pro­vide any more details. Howe­ver, since it is the back of a bill­head I don’t think that it is of very high quality.

  3. Auch wenn man damals wohl noch etwas groß­zü­gi­ger pro­du­ziert hat, so kann ich mir doch nur sehr schwer vor­stel­len, dass der Prä­ge­druck wirk­lich Gold ent­hielt (wenn es denn tat­säch­lich so gemeint war).

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