Eberhard Faber Cartograph 540

Den Land­kar­ten­stift Car­to­graph von Eber­hard Faber gab es auch in kur­zer Ausführung.

Eberhard Faber Cartograph 540

Die nur 91 × 50 mm kleine und 10 mm fla­che Blech­dose ist mit jeweils zwei gel­ben, grü­nen und schwar­zen Stif­ten unge­wöhn­lich befüllt1. Sie sind rund, 86 mm lang, 7,4 mm dick und haben eine 4,4 mm dicke Mine.

Eberhard Faber Cartograph 540

Die topo­gra­fi­sche Karte im Hin­ter­grund ist das Mess­tisch­blatt 3173, Klein­sas­sen, her­ausgegeben vom Reichs­amt für Lan­des­auf­nahme 1936.

Das war’s auch schon für heute.

  1. Es kann sein, dass dies nicht die Ori­gi­nal­zu­sam­men­stel­lung ist.

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  1. Gun­ther, I have now read my way through your Land­kar­ten­stifte cate­gory. These pen­cils are very inte­res­t­ing! I won­der whe­ther they stop­ped pro­du­cing them after the end of WW2, or con­tin­ued making them (for export? espio­nage?). Nowa­days of course the equip­ment would be more sophisticated…

  2. I too find these pen­cil very inte­res­t­ing wit­hout being able to tell why. Maybe it is because I like spe­cial pen­cils as well as maps but I’m not sure. As far as I know they were pro­du­ced mainly for mili­tary use but I think that they are only rela­bel­led and repa­cked colour pen­cils which were al­ready available. If I remem­ber cor­rectly all my map pen­cils have chalky leads and because of this they don’t keep the pro­mise of being easily erasable (at least not on the maps I know). – Now­adays a map pen­cil would most likely house a navi­ga­tion sys­tem ;-) Apro­pos: Did you know that during WWII Bri­tain forces drop­ped pen­cils over Ger­man POW camps? These pen­cils con­tai­ned maps which were prin­ted on mul­berry paper since no other paper was so thin and strong.

  3. Oh, that is inte­res­t­ing too, pen­cils as ammu­ni­tion :) Do you know if the maps at that time were made out of ordi­nary paper, or some­thing more spe­cial? I would assume they were at least coa­ted or greased or some­thing, to avoid damage by the ele­ments – and if so would this have dic­ta­ted the spe­ci­fic for­mula used in map pencils?

  4. I’m not sure about the maps back then but won’t rule out the pos­si­bi­lity that at least some of them were coa­ted. Howe­ver, I don’t think that these chalky pen­cils would work pro­perly on a very smooth sur­face. Bes­i­des being chalky the Car­to­graph is quite hard so I really won­der for which sur­faces it was made …

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