„The new 5700 D“

„The new 5700 D”

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Als „[t]he finest pen­cil shar­pe­ner ever made for draft­smen“ bewarb J.S. STAEDTLER Inc. in Hacken­sack, New Jer­sey (USA), den damals neuen Kur­bel­spit­zer 5700 D, des­sen beson­de­res Leis­tungs­merk­mal darin bestand, die Mine auf einer Länge von gut 6 bis 19 mm frei­zu­le­gen1. Damit wur­den dann auch Spit­zen wie die hier und da gezeig­ten mög­lich. – Die Vor­der­seite die­ses Falt­blatts, das aus einer Blech­dose stammt und etwa 60 Jahre alt sein dürfte, machte Reklame für den Farb­stift MARS-LUMOCHROM, der mit einer gefähr­li­chen Spitze auftrat.

Danke an Sola für die­ses Faltblatt!

  1. Soweit ich weiß, gab es noch einen 5700 (also ohne „D“), der das nicht konnte und zudem nur drei statt sechs Backen in der Stift­hal­te­rung hatte. – Ein Kom­men­ta­tor bei pen­cils and other things berich­tet, dass der 5700 D außer­dem den Minen­durch­mes­ser auf 1,5 mm ver­rin­gert.

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  1. You’re very wel­come :) I actually think the paper inserts are more thril­ling to hold in the hand than the pen­cils them­sel­ves – it’s just so ama­zing to see they sur­vi­ved int­act after all these years. I even love the tis­sue paper pro­tec­ting the pen­cil ends in old Schwan Sta­bilo tins ;)

  2. Yes, you’re right – in some cases the paper inserts (as well as the whole pack­a­ging) is really more exci­ting than the pen­cils. The effort spent for the pack­a­ging back then is ama­zing: paper, prin­ted on both sides and folded to cover the pen­cils, card­board strips to sepa­rate them, small pie­ces of sty­ro­foam to pro­tect both the pen­cil points and the pack­a­ging and of course the inserts which adver­ti­sed other pro­ducts or infor­med about hard­ness gra­des etc.

  3. Wow, your pho­tos are great – thank you for sha­ring! It is cle­arly visi­ble that the 5700 D redu­ces the lead dia­me­ter. – Your 5700 D is in remar­kable good condition!

  4. Thanks! When I got it it was covered in a grimy oily residue- like that which coll­ects around places where food is fried, but after a good clean it came up beau­tifully. Maybe the oily grime pro­tec­ted it? The blade is mint, though. Won­derful qua­lity Ger­man engineering.

  5. Gun­ther! Hello again- Some­thing else just tur­ned up- very strange. It’s a Koh-I-Noor 993 hand crank desk­top 2mm lead shaper and it makes a 2mm lead into a per­fect wedge. I have never seen one before. It has an inge­nious cam gear sys­tem that enga­ges, lifts, flips and drops the whole pen­cil as you crank it, over and over again, until the wedge is for­med against the grin­ding wheel. I put up some images here- 

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