Blei- und Rotstifte von Shinwa

Heute ein kur­zer Blick auf Blei- und Rot­stifte von Shinwa, einem japa­ni­schen Anbie­ter von Messgeräten.

Blei- und Rotstifte von Shinwa

Die Stifte haben die übli­che Länge von 17,5 cm, den Durch­mes­ser von 7,7 mm und Minen in den Stär­ken 2,5 mm (Blei­stift) bzw. 3 mm (Rot­stift). Neben den eng­li­schen Kennzeich­nungen fin­den sich „工事用鉛筆 PRO“ (etwa „Kon­struk­ti­ons­blei­stift PRO“) sowie das Logo und der Name „シンワ” des Anbie­ters. Die Tauch­kappe des Blei­stifts trägt „HB“ und die des Rot­stifts „〈赤〉ふつう“, grob über­setzt „Rot nor­mal“. Ich nehme an, dass diese Stifte für den Gebrauch z. B. in der Werk­statt gedacht sind, und so sei das an die 1980er Jahre erin­nernde Design verziehen.

Blei- und Rotstifte von Shinwa

Die Ver­ar­bei­tungs­qua­li­tät der Stifte könnte etwas bes­ser sein. Der dünne Lack hat einige Unre­gel­mä­ßig­kei­ten und an man­chen Kap­pen gibt es rote und blaue Fle­cken; zudem ist ein Rot­stift leicht verzogen.

Blei- und Rotstifte von Shinwa

Gespitzt mit dem Kur­bel­spit­zer CARL Decade DE-100 …

Die Qua­li­tät von Holz und Mine ist jedoch erfreu­lich. Beide Stifte machen im Kurbel- und im Hand­spit­zer eine gute Figur, sind recht bruch­fest und haben eine sau­bere Abgabe. Der Blei­stift, des­sen Härte etwa der des STAEDTLER Mars Lu­mograph B ent­spricht, glei­tet und schwärzt gut, und der Rot­stift, der wisch­fes­ter ist als der Blei­stift, hat eine or­dentliche Sät­ti­gung und ist ver­gleichs­weise weich. Erwar­tungs­ge­mäß lässt sich nur der Blei­stift radie­ren. – Beim Holz dürfte es sich um Weihrauch-Zeder handeln.

Blei- und Rotstifte von Shinwa

… und dem Pol­lux von Möbius+Ruppert

Gekauft habe ich diese Stifte beim deut­schen Ver­sen­der Die­ter Schmidt, wo sie im Dreier­pack zu 1,95 Euro (Blei­stift) und 2,45 Euro (Rot­stift) ange­bo­ten wer­den. Den Blei­stift gibt es in H und HB und den Rot­stift in Hart und Mit­tel. – Ver­mut­lich wur­den diese Stifte von einem OEM für Shinwa gefer­tigt, doch wer das ist, konnte ich nicht herausfinden.

Blei- und Rotstifte von Shinwa

14 Kommentare zu „Blei- und Rotstifte von Shinwa“

  1. I just bought these, thanks to your review.
    I’m always loo­king for good red wri­ting pen­cils, and I have hope these will be great, since you poin­ted them with the Pollux!

  2. I have the 2451, which is, well, good, but not my favo­rite, and still need to find the famous 7700, which pro­ves quite elusive!
    I found an old Caran d’Ache Pris­malo I, hard red lead, but newer ver­si­ons of the Pris­malo seem softer.
    I’m wai­ting to receive these, to compare with the 2451…and then I’ll see if my per­fect red pen­cil quest will con­ti­nue or not ;)

  3. Alt­hough the dis­con­ti­nua­tion of the 7700 has been announ­ced in Decem­ber 2015 Mitsu­bi­shi has later backed down and kept some in pro­duc­tion, inclu­ding the red one. I hope you will get one soon! It’s an ama­zing colour pen­cil, alt­hough with a little pur­ple note. – Have you tried the Staedt­ler Lumochrom? It has been dis­con­tin­ued many years ago but now an then some appear on eBay. It’s worth loo­king for!

  4. I’ve never tried the Staedt­ler Lumochrom, but I have some „vin­tage“ Mars Lumochrom 2mm leads. Do you think they could be similar? 

    They pro­duce a very nice red, wit­hout being too soft, or too hard! And they compare favor­ably to Uni or Kita­bo­shi 2mm red leads.
    I see these leads are still available in a modern ver­sion, I’ll try them!

  5. I have now recei­ved the Shinwa pen­cils, and while the finish could be bet­ter like you said, I app­re­ciate the qua­lity of the leads.
    The HB reminds me a lot the Mitsu­bi­shi Mark Sheet HB : the design is very simi­lar, and the lead has a com­pa­ra­ble fee­ling, alt­hough the paint of the Mitsu­bi­shi seem thi­c­ker. Bot are cedar, but I’m not so sure Mitsu­bi­shi could be the OEM there…

    The red is very usable, and resist per­fectly to be shar­pe­ned with the Pol­lux, which is a sign of a very cer­tain qua­lity! It is ade­qua­tely pig­men­ted, but could be a little harder.
    In the mean­time I also tried the Mitsu­bi­shi 7700, and I guess my expec­ta­ti­ons were too high…It is pro­ba­bly the best of both worlds, pig­men­ted enough, and hard enough, but I don’t know, doesn’t feel that nice for me.
    I com­pared it to the Kita­bo­shi 9352, and I have to say, bet­ween the 2 I most often pick the Kitaboshi…but neither of them are able to recreate the fee­ling of the old school copy­ing red pen­cils (which unfort­u­na­tely are rare nowadays).

  6. It’s great to hear that you like the leads of the Shinwa pencils!

    Thank you for making me aware of the Kita­bo­shi 9352; I haven’t tried it yet. – There are still manu­fac­tu­r­ers of copy­ing pen­cils (albeit only very few). I’m curious: What are the most important aspects of copy­ing pen­cils to you?

  7. This pen­cil is one of the most beau­tiful I ever seen (along­side with the Tom­bow Mono KKS).
    I love the tech­no­lo­gi­cal theme of the typo­gra­phy, the bird logo, the spa­ced HB and even the package.
    I will look for­ward to get one!

  8. There’s a thing about copy­ing pen­cils, I don’t know…something about how some of them write.
    I am mostly inte­res­ted in those who write the same color as they copy, which makes them basi­cally water solu­ble color pencils! 

    I only have a few pur­ple, and one red, but they all write beau­tifully, leave a highly pig­men­ted line, and are actually usable to write. Bet­ter IMO than the best of the usual red or blue you can find today, except maybe the Mitsu­bishis we tal­ked about earlier.

    Unfort­u­na­tely, except for the pur­ple, copy­ing pen­cils are hard to come by nowa­days. The Koh-I-Noor red and blue copy­ing pen­cils you can buy new…they fall far from the tree. I still need to try the Viarco, maybe you tried them? Or do you know some others? I see some Faber-Castell which write in black, but they are only sold on the Ger­man website :(

    (That is to say, I don’t use them for the copy­ing part, just use them as wri­ting color pen­cils. Maybe they just made it bet­ter in the past, haha)

  9. I like the F-C 9609 and 9608, they are easy to get and still of good qua­lity :) I’d like them to be slightly larger…cost reduc­tion I guess.
    I still have to buy the black ver­sion, which sounds promising

  10. Gun­ther if you want I can send you half a Kita­bo­shi 9352. I know offe­ring half a pen­cil is a bit cheap, but that’s all I have left from these! So you could try and decide if you want to buy more.

  11. Matt, I’m happy to hear that you like these copy­ing pen­cils. – Thank you for your offer! It would be great to test the Kita­bo­shi 9352, and for that pur­pose half of it would suffice.

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