8 Kommentare zu „2020“

  1. Won­derful New Year to you too!
    Funny I was using Pilot 2020 recently…and didn’t even notice the rela­tion until today :D

  2. What a fit­ting match on that Fure Fure Pilot!

    My very best wis­hes to you as well my fri­end. May the new year be fil­led with a lot of pen­cils rari­ties, lovely and scen­ted cedar wood, non-temperamental brass shar­pe­ners and a whole bunch of nice erasers.

    Pro­spe­rity, health, love and suc­cess to you and yours!

  3. Happy 2020’s year! I just arri­ved from my vaca­tion and in the post office a pilot 2020 trans­pa­rent handle was wai­ting for me. Finally I got it.

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