Auch heute gibt’s nur einen schnel­len Scan, und zwar von einer Anzeige, die 1977 den Druck­blei­stift STAEDTLER MARS-MICROGRAPH HS bewarb1.


Soweit ich weiß, stand „HS“ für „half sli­ding“. – Die an einen Inte­gral­helm erin­nernde Vari­ante des Mar­s­kop­fes und die unkon­ven­tio­nelle DT-Ligatur wur­den von 1973 bis 2001 benutzt.

  1. Wenn ich mit einem Fein­mi­nen­stift zeichne, bin dann nicht ich der Fein­mi­nen­zeich­ner?

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  1. Do you have idea when the black ver­sion was made or when do you bought your? It seems a rare mecha­ni­cal pencil…

  2. As far I know the new Staedt­ler 925 Meis­ter Edi­tion is limi­ted to 1000 units and is only available in 0.5mm. You can only but at Tokyu Hands sta­tio­nary stores in Japan…

    Well, Lexi­ka­li­ker, if you sur­fing on web and find by coin­ci­dence someone sel­ling a black 925 35 0.3mm for a resonable price (US$30 or below), please hit me up! I’m really inte­res­ted to buy one.

    Ano­ther thing, the lead cham­ber of the regu­lar 925 is pla­s­tic made or metal?

  3. Thank you for the details regar­ding the Meis­ter Edi­tion – I won­der if it was issued on a spe­cial occasion.

    I will keep my eyes open for a black 925 35 03!

    The lead cham­ber of my regu­lar black 925 35 05 is made from plastic.

  4. Thank you for these details!

    A few days ago I have noti­ced that a piece of the lac­quer on the cap of my 925 35 05 came off alt­hough I have used this pen­cil only very few times and have hand­led it very carefully. I hope that this isn’t a manu­fac­tu­ring fault …

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