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Gründliches Verbotsschild an einem See in Rüsselsheim-Bauschheim

Gründliches Verbotsschild an einem See in Rüsselsheim-Bauschheim

Stichwörter: Rüsselsheim

4 Kommentare zu „Spaßbremse”

  1. Stephen

    Pickering, Ontario, Canada

  2. Lexikaliker

    That’s even better! Maybe I should suggest this to the fishing club that watch over that lake in Rüsselsheim. But I won’t complain: Taking a careful walk seems to be allowed, both in Pickering and over here ;-) – Thank you for drawing my attention to the very interesting „Dodgeville” blog!

  3. Kiwi-d

    Now its a little hard for me to really understand this posting, but in English we have a saying that a place has really „gone to the dogs”. Seems appropriate to this No-Fun Allowed Zone?

  4. Lexikaliker

    Well, sort of. Those responsible have tried almost everything to protect the lake and its surroundings, and that has turned the place into a no-fun allowed zone. But it is a conflict of interests: The priorities of the fishing club are not identical to those of the others who would like to use that area for recreation purposes. – I have just noticed severe shortcomings in my English knowledge but I hope you got what I ment ;-)


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