Im Wandel

Mar­ken­zei­chen wer­den gerne über­ar­bei­tet, um dem Zeit­ge­schmack zu ent­spre­chen, eine Sor­ti­ments­än­de­rung zu beglei­ten oder dem Unter­neh­men einen neuen, fri­schen Auf­tritt zu ver­schaf­fen. So gab es auch den bekann­ten Mar­s­kopf von STAEDTLER in eini­gen Varianten.

Im Wandel

Der Mar­s­kopf in die­ser ganz­sei­ti­gen Anzeige stammt von 1963 und war die erste stark ver­ein­fachte Form nach über 50 Jahren.

Im Wandel

Der Unter­schied zu den davor genutz­ten war recht groß, und so hielt man es viel­leicht für nötig, ihn mit einer Wer­be­kam­pa­gne bekannt zu machen.

Inter­es­sant finde ich, dass der aktu­elle Mar­s­kopf nach der sehr mini­ma­lis­ti­schen Aus­füh­rung von 1973 wie­der näher an der hier bewor­be­nen liegt. Wie wohl der nächste aus­se­hen wird?

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  1. I find this a very inte­res­t­ing sub­ject. Excel­lent pick! If Staedt­ler hadn‘t chan­ged its logo it could have become a real clas­sic. This con­stant alte­ring crea­tes a cer­tain moder­nity, reju­ve­na­tion. It intro­du­ces new energy. But so many chan­ges also sug­gest too much mar­ke­ting. Being unable to choose. Ever­yone will have a favou­rite. I won­der what would hap­pen if Ford chan­ged its cal­li­gra­phy. They didn‘t change their logo for so many decades.

  2. I’m happy to hear that you like it, Wow­ter! The history of the Mars head is unu­sual because the two early vari­ants were used as a deco­ra­tive ele­ments but not as a logo; the vari­ant from 1925 was the first offi­cial one. Yes, there have been quite a lot of chan­ges, and in the 11 years from 1952 to 1963 there have been three dif­fe­rent Mars heads but since 1973 the logos have been used lon­ger. – The Ford logo is a true clas­sic! It is cer­tainly for­bidden to touch the calligraphy ;-)

  3. Stationery Traffic

    The 1973 ver­sion of Mars‘ head is the one that gives me the most Prous­tian rush. I have a few Tra­di­ti­ons and a round Short­hand made in the Pon­ty­clun fac­tory which bear it.

  4. It’s impres­sive that such small details can have such a plea­sing effect even after many years! – By the way, it’s remar­kable how rare it is to come across STAEDTLER pens with this logo today. A few years ago, they were still available in large quan­ti­ties on eBay, among other places, but today you have to be lucky to find any.

  5. Stationery Traffic

    I remem­ber won­de­ring what the funny blob on the pen­cil next to the name was, when I was a kid in school. I never rea­li­sed it was sup­po­sed to repre­sent the head of Mars, the God of War.

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