Zeit und Weg

Gedan­ken über die Blei­stift­mine macht sich der Illus­tra­tor John Howe in „Two Years or Two Thousand Miles … Whi­che­ver Come First“.

Lumograph-Stummel von John Howe

Accor­ding to an aut­ho­ri­ta­tive site dedi­ca­ted to all things con­cer­ning pen­cils, the lead con­tai­ned in an average HB can make 35 miles of line. Since April 15, 2009, nearly 250 pen­cils have become pen­cil stubs. Thus, taking into con­side­ra­tion that most are 2B and 3B, with a handful of 4B thrown in, if each pen­cil could average a modest eight miles of line, that makes about 2000 miles of gra­phite on paper by now, were it pos­si­ble to unra­vel all those scribbles and lay them out straight.

Vie­len Dank an John Howe für das Foto und Sean für den Hin­weis darauf!

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