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J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

Die Zwinge: Hexagonal und sauber auf den bearbeiteten Bleistift aufgebracht. Klasse!

J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB

Vielen Dank an Sean von Contrapuntalism für den Lumograph 2390!

Stichwörter: Lumograph, Museum, STAEDTLER

10 Kommentare zu „J.S. Staedtler Mars-Lumograph 2390 HB”

  1. Sola

    Hi Lexikaliker,

    I just got hold of this Lumograph 2390 HB. It was astounding! I want to know more about it but other than your post here there is hardly any information on the Internet. Do you happen to know where the number 2390 comes from, and how it is related to the more popular 2886? Do you find the 2390 and the 2886 similar or do they write differently? Is one older than the other?

    I must say, although Staedtler is renowned for its quality, consistency, and standard grading, it was never my favorite brand up till now… But this has definitely changed since that magic moment I held the 2390 :) I do hope you could enlighten me on this subject and thank you in advance! - Sola

  2. Lexikaliker

    Hi Sola, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I don't know where the number 2390 comes from, and since I am not familiar with the numbering conventions of that time I can't even guess. Until now I haven't tried this pencil because it's the only 2390 I have so I can't compare it to the 2886. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2390 has the same lead as the 2886 HB from that time. Sorry for being not a great help to you but if I learn more about the 2390 I will add it here and let you know. – May I ask where you got your 2390 from?

  3. Sola

    Hi Lexi, thank you for your answer :) I got it from the Brand Name Pencils site (as you may know Bob Truby sells surplus pencils from his collection), as I had never seen one on eBay. Most of the old Lumographs are 2886, aren’t they? Mine came presharpened anyway and so I tested it and I was floored. It is without question the best and most beautiful pencil I’ve ever used! Since then I’ve turned up this interesting poster from Dennis Smith’s Leadholder Museum.


    Wouldn’t you agree with me that those pencils at the back on the left are our own 2390s??? From the explanation below I am guessing that the 2390 is probably nothing more than a ferruled version of the 2886. I agree with you about the lead, I will test it against sa regular

  4. Sola

    sorry got cut off :( will test it against some old 2886s once I get the opportunity. Will keep you posted :)

  5. Sola

    Oh? You have the same poster on your site! You probably contributed it to Leadholder…?!?! Sorry about that ;)

  6. Lexikaliker

    Hi Sola, you're welcome :-) Yes, most of the vintage Lumographs are the 2886 (by the way, it was available from its introduction in August 1930 to 1967 when its number changed to 100).

    Yes, the 2390 is on the left of that advertisement, and I too think that the 2390 and the 2886 are identical except of the ferrule. – I haven't contributed that poster to leadholder but have seen it there and started to look for an original copy immediately. Now an enlarged print decorates the wall at my desk at home :-)

  7. Sola

    Wow that must be awesome :) Thank you for letting me know about the 2886-100 chronology and above all thanks for sharing the love!! I’m a convert now :)

  8. Lexikaliker

    Yes, it is :-) To me, the slogan „you brain's best friends” is absolutely great. – You're welcome! Did you notice the Lumograph tag below the post? Clicking it will list about 40 posts which are related to the Lumograph in one or the other way.

  9. Sola

    Actually, I’m working my way through all of your posts in the Bleistifte category ;)

    I’d like to send you some pencils. I’ll email you later :)

  10. Lexikaliker

    I am happy to hear that! :-)

    I have thought about sending you some pencils too :-)


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